At Mobile Posse, we love the mobile home screen, obviously. I don’t think there’s any question there. But there’s a good reason for our fandom: The home screen is the best thing to happen to mobile marketing since the invention of the smartphone.

Not sold? Well, here are just three reasons why the mobile home screen is potentially more effective than SMS or apps:

  1. The home screen is the most-viewed screen on a handset. We pick up our mobile phones upwards of 100 times each day, and spend 26% of that time on the home screen. It’s where our most valuable notifications live – missed calls, unread email, new social media alerts. It’s our home base for connecting to the world. It’s also our favorite way to “kill time.” Because so much of that time is “found time” – time that we haven’t allocated to other tasks, and during which we’re simply looking to entertain ourselves – we’re amenable to messaging.
  2. Your best customers, that is, the ones who’ve had smartphones the longest and engage with them the most, spend more time on the home screen than other users. They’re the ones who pick up their phones 30 or more times per day, and they’re the ones who are looking to engage with you on the home screen.
  3. It’s easily and readily accessible. One of the reasons the home screen is the most-viewed screen is that it’s the first screen we see when we awaken our handsets. There’s no need to open the app drawer to find it. This makes it ideal for targeted messaging, since there’s no app or website to which messages must be tethered. Home screen messaging can leverage handset data to surface relevant messages to the screen users see most.

Bessemer Venture Partners set the value of the home screen at $16 billion per inch for a reason: it’s the last great opportunity to engage with consumers in an uncluttered, frequently accessed environment.

Want to learn more about why the home screen is the ideal route to the mobile consumer? Download part one of our Ultimate Guide to the Mobile Home Screen, which we officially released today at APPNATION for all the info you need about the home screen and the mobile consumer.